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September 12, 2007

Gorilla Glue and its many uses.

One example of interesting topics would be Gorilla Glue, and all of its many uses. We have personally used Gorilla Glue for making ant traps used with our hummingbird feeders, furniture repair, dish washer rack repair, gluing tennis balls on the legs of walkers used by the elderly, and more. Gorilla Glue really is truly an all-purpose very versatile glue, which can be used for any project; at least any project that we have been able to dream up.

This post is not intendedĀ to beĀ an advertisement for the company, but to form a dialog on interesting projects that have been accomplished with the use of this glue.

We will keep you posted on the feeder ant traps after the hummingbird feeding season. This will prove whether the glue can hold up for the entire season. If we are lucky, a Rufous hummingbird will join us during the winter!

Making a Hummingbird Feeder Ant Trap

Are your hummingbird feeders overrun with pesky ants? This is a simple ant trap which is effective and very easy to make, and a quick answer to the ant problem. Follow these instruction and be rid of ants in two days.

First, we need to get you prepared for the project. This is a list of items which are needed to make the trap.

  1. Water container – Use your imagination! We used a Science Diet cat food can in our example. Other items fond around the house include plastic containers used for yogurt, whipped cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, aluminum soda cans, etc.
  2. A stiff wire which has enough strength to hold your hummingbird feeder (full of nectar).
  3. A tool to create the hole in your water container, which will be slightly larger than the diameter of your wire. Ice picks, drills, etc.
  4. A holder for the water container setup to assure the proper wire length after it is pressed through the container bottom. We elected to use a plastic coke bottle, which will be cut to the proper height.
  5. Gorilla Glue – The secret ingredient!
  6. You will need a way to form your wire. Use a broom stick, round pipe, etc.

Step 1 – Prepare your water container holder.

We took a plastic coke bottle and cut it to the proper height. Wire lengths are a personal preference. Just allow for forming the wire.

Step 2 – Make a hole in your water container which is slightly larger than the wire diameter.

Step 3 – Insert the wire through the bottom of the water container and place the container on the holder.

Step 4 – Apply Gorilla Glue to the container bottom around the wire.

Step 5 – Allow sufficient cure time; around 8 hours.

Step 6 – Form the bottom wire.

Step 7 – Apply Gorilla Glue around the wire on the inside of the container., and allow sufficient cure time.

Step 8 – Form the top wire into a hook.

Step 9 – Hang your hummingbird feeder using the ant trap hook. Put an additional bend in the top and bottom wire to level your water container. Fill the container with water.

Step 10 – Have Fun watching your Content Hummingbirds!

Stay tuned for other interesting uses for Gorilla Glue. Please share any projects that you have used the glue for.

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